10 Etsy toys for toddlers & pre-schoolers you need to check out

I love, love, love Etsy. In the last 4 years Etsy is by far the website where I’ve done the most shopping. I’ve created lists, started following even more awesome shops and I’m getting tons of ideas and inspiration for crafts and home decor. I love Etsy. You can follow me here. One of my favourite things to search for are cool and unique toys for the girls. Here’s a roundup of 10 of the girls’ favs (mine too):10 Etsy toys for toddlers & pre-schoolers you need to check out - Smocks & Shops #thingsorganizedneatly

  1. Wooden stacking dolls – Tinocchio – Made in Israel. Stacking toys are so important for toddlers. I love the simplicity in the design of these gals (yep, to us they’re girls). Every time Mila plays with them, Danika inevitably wants to also.
  2. Crowns – Felt Like Celebrating – Made in New Zealand. They each got their crown for their 1st birthdays. Danika wears hers all the time. Mila is getting used to hers.
  3. Pretend play camera – Little Sapling Toys – Made in USA. Danika loves to drop down on one knee and say “Over here… look at me…. say cheese…. click, click click… look!” Then she turns the camera to us, to show us the “viewfinder” like she’s seen us do with our real camera countless times. She’s so funny.
  4. Roadster – Hill Country Woodcraft – Made in USA. Mila loves this car. It rolls really well and the peg person is great for her hand-eye coordination.
  5. Little heart cars – Darlingling – Made in Canada. These have spent many night outside in the sandbox after hours of play. They’re still great. I love their colours.
  6. International peg dolls – I Got You Pegged – Made in USA. The girls line them up. Put them in a little pouch I made. Take them out, line them up again… I especially love the little Dutch girl, being half-Dutch myself.
  7. Doll – KraKracraft – Made in Slovenia. She was Danika’s reward for graduating to a big-girl bed. The owner of the shop is amazing. She could do anything! I told her I wanted the doll to be a little in Danika’s likeness, which colours and patterns she liked. She gave the doll those light blue eyes and blond hair with wispy little pig tails. When I placed my order, I was also still mourning the loss of my old girl Maya (she was my faithful, 4-legged baby, who got really, really sick), so I asked if it was possible to somehow include a brown dog (Maya was a beautiful chocolate lab). I couldn’t be happier with this whole experience. Danika calls her Dolly. She sleeps with her every single night without fail.
  8. I Spy bag – Chicks & Chickadees – Made in USA. This is one of those purchases I could have waiting a little longer to order and gift. Danika is only now starting to play with it but she’s had it a while. I actually stored it this week. I’ll take it out again later this summer. Nevertheless, I really love the personal touches. Her name is in there, as are some of Danika’s favourite things (animals, colours, etc).
  9. Finger puppets – Stay Awake & Play – Made in Canada. Always popular. These come out at least twice a week and have since the day we got them. Danika loves putting them on and singing Old McDonald to her sister waving (with great difficulty) the finger with the animal she’s on, which is what I used to sing and do for her. Still do.
  10. Memory game – 3Princesses – Made in Canada. The tiles themselves can be played with like blocks or dominos but now that Danika is old enough, we’re finally playing the memory game. We started with 2 pairs turned over, then 3. That’s where we’re at now. We’ll gradually increase the number of pairs as she gets used to playing. I love watching her grow and develop like this.

10 Etsy toys for toddlers & pre-schoolers you need to check out - Smocks & Shops  #thingsorganizedneatly

What about you? What have been your best handmade toy purchases on Etsy?

10 Etsy toys for toddlers & pre-schoolers you need to check out - Smocks & Shops #thingsorganizedneatly