Are you happy?

That is one of Danika’s favourite things to ask. Especially when she senses she’s in hot water. As in, we’re all sitting at the table and she’s not eating what she’s meant to. We inevitably get frustrated, after our repeated attempts at getting her to even just *try* the broccoli or the carrots fail miserably. Oh and bear in mind that these are all foods she’s actually eaten gobs of ever since she started solidsĀ and even declared these to be some of herĀ favourites at one time or another, but now can’t stand the sight of them in her bowl or plate… And no! We must resist! We. must. not. bribe. her. with. chocolate… Again… [sigh] #fail.

So when she senses our frustration, cheeky munchkin that she is, she suddenly starts bombarding us with the same question over and over and over again. “Mommy, are you happy? Daddy are you happy? Mila is happy. Mommy are you happy? Are you happy Daddy? I think Mila is happy. Are you happy Mommy?” and on and on and on she goes, even though we actually do answer her. Cute, eh? So how can we stay upset… It’s impossible. Peter and I crack a smile at each other when she’s not looking.

AreYouHappy 8 x 10 poster

Anyhow, to commemorate her “how-to-avoid-eating-my-food-and-still-get-chocolate” question, I created a little printable poster (8 x 10 inches) and desktop background image (1280 x 720 pixels). Feel free to save and use.

Are you Happy? Desktop background image