Turn treasures from your family vacation into a keepsake collage

I am so very proud of my newest collaboration with Vitamin Daily. I decided to write about summer vacations and how to make a decorative keepsake collage from findings that got picked up and made their way back home, as a collaborative art project the whole family can do. You can read the whole article here.

When we’re on vacation or just out somewhere, my eldest, Danika, is always walking with her head down, looking for wonderful little treasures from nature and I asked myself, how can we use these collections to create lovely visual reminders of the great time we had as a family?Findings from vacation for keepsake collage | Smocks & Shops

About our collaborative art piece (the backstory): My sister Sonya lives in Moncton with her man, Kevin, her little man, Zac and her furry four-legged man, Logan. Every summer we go there to visit and every summer, we spend a few days at their family’s seaside cottage in Cocagne. On this particular trip, bouncy castles, splash pads, fireworks, hermit crabs and provincial parks, were the order of the day week… Great, great memories.Vacation keepsake collage | Smocks & Shops

I didn’t use a shadow box. I really wanted the collage to leap out of the frame. To show off the textures and dimensions. Just by removing the glass, I was able to accomplish this effect. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

I was inspired by examples I found on Pinterest. This series from Completely Coastal is my favourite. They used seaweed and driftwood in their collages. Love it.


Enjoy the read. I’ll keep you posted on my next collabs.