Upcycled chalk bin for our backyard blackboard

Last summer Peter and I made a huge backyard blackboard for the girls from scrap pieces for plywood and a can of chalkboard spray paint. At the time, Mila was only 6 months old but Danika was 2 and really into drawing. Fast forward to today, the blackboard is used every time we’re in the yard, which lately, has been everyday.

I shopped around for chalk and even considered making some, but then I found these from Crayola (one day I’ll make some. I want to. This recipe from Hello, Wonderful looks super simple and cute). The colour variety of the Crayolas is what got me. They’re such beautiful and vibrant colours – and the price can’t be beat, either. Blackboard_and_sidewalk_chalk I really liked the box that the 48 chalk sticks came in. The flaps and handle were very convenient for carrying them around…. That is, until the girls and their friends started breaking the chalk sticks. Accidentally or not. LOL. With so many more pieces, nothing fit into the box anymore so I needed to find another solution.

Finding containers is easy, but me being me, I wanted to upcycle something we already had: Enter this ugly Christmas tin “basket” we’ve had kicking around the house, unused, for 2 years. I always loved the shape… just not the paint job.

But it’s nothing a can of spray paint can’t fix.


Can you believe Peter tried to get me to throw this crate away on numerous occasions? It’s so cute, right? I knew one day I’d find a great use for it… and BTW, I love aqua and red. One of my fav colour combos. Spray_Painted_Tin_Crate_For_Chalk_Container_By_Blackboard

What have you given new life to, by spray painting it?


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