Welcome to Smocks & Shops! This is a space where I can share my passion for beautiful things and crafting. There is nothing more that I love than to make a craft or piece of art for or with my three year old daughter, Danika (her little sister Mila is still too little to join, but it won’t be long until she can). When I became a mother, I decided that I was going to fill my girls’ lives with as much magic, wonder and beauty as I possibly can.  Smocks & Shops is a place where I can nurture this goal by sharing with you all the beautiful and creative things I come across, really unique businesses and crazy-talented people who ooze creativity and share simple project ideas and activities you can also make to bring magic and light into your homes and lives too.

The name

Smock, smock, smock… It is a great word. I used to read a lot of Calvin & Hobbes when I was in high school and the Smock strips have always been favourites. In our house, smocks are for now, my old t-shirts, that fit like dresses on my daughter. And she wears them long after we’ve … Continue reading The name

Public appearances

Before starting her family, Melissa appeared numerous times on various Live TV shows to talk about social media and companies and causes she believes in. If you would like Melissa to represent your company or products on television, please feel free to get in touch with her. May 2011 – CityTV BT Winnipeg – Part … Continue reading Public appearances