Birdhouses decorated by pre-schoolers

Giving birds a new home

My daughter turned 3 last month and during her party, her friends got to decorate their own birdhouses. Danika’s friends are mostly pairs of siblings so to not burden their parents (our friends) with having to find a place to hang two birdhouses, it was one birdhouse per household, which worked out great.

Pink ruffle cake for Danika's 3rd birthday

Since it was a party and the kids were all 4 years old and younger, I skipped the paint to avoid the mess. Instead, I opted for great quality stickers, felt markers, glitter glue and adhesive “jewels”. Much of which I found at the dollar store*.

What you need:

  1. Wooden birdhouses – I got ours for $3 each at the dollar store. They usually carry different models. I took the biggest ones. You can also get them at craft stores and pay 4 times the price.
  2. Markers – I used these kiddie ones from I like how they “bleed” when they get wet (from the glitter glue). Creates a nice watercolour effect, which is what I was hoping for.
  3. Great quality stickers – I used this set for the girls and this one for the boys – Both by Djeco.
  4. Glitter glue – We finished old tubes I had from Michael’s. You can get them anywhere. I’ve been told though that the best tubes are the ones from Target. My crappy ones from Michael’s would always blow open if we squeezed too hard.
  5. Adhesive jewels – I’ve seen these in craft stores but I am always shocked at how much they sell for, meanwhile you can get them for a $1 or $2 from the dollar store.
  6. Tissue paper – pre-cut into squares. I have also seen these sold for insane $ in craft stores. I found some at the dollar store too.
  7. Mod Podge for outdoors – This was needed to make sure the stickers and jewels stayed glued down permanently but it left a sticky finish (even after 3 days), which I hated, so I sprayed them with a clear finish.
  8. Krylon Clear Finish Spray for indoor or outdoor use – If you just paint the birdhouses, this spray alone would be fine, but if you have anything glued on them, you really need to apply some Podge to seal it all in.

Birdhouses decorated by pre-schoolers - Birthday party activity

How to:

  • Well, I’d like to say we used a technique but come on… They’re pre-schoolers! They just wanted to colour and put stickers and use glitter glue!! They were, however, very concentrated for a good 15-20 minutes. It was awesome. The moms were on hand to help (and to keep the peace among the siblings). All in all, it was a huge success.
  • I kept the birdhouses after the party so that I could finish them with the Mod Podge and Krylon spray and return them hassle-free and “ready-to-hang”.
  • As a side note, now’s a good time to hang birdhouses if you want tenants for the summer. March and April are typically the best times, if you live in colder climates like we do here in Quebec.

Have a closer look at the lovely abodes. Hopefully all the bling and sparkle (that you can’t see very well in these photos) will attract some new winged residents.

Birdhouse decorated by Liam and Alec Birdhouse decorated by Danika and Mommy Birdhouse decorated by Maya and HaleyBirdhouse decorated by Danika and Mila

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