Personalizing a ceiling light fixture with felt balls

While I was pregnant with our second daughter, we gave ourselves a very small budget to put her room together. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl (kept both a surprise) so it had to be neutral, which I love anyway.

One of the first things the room needed once the colour scheme was decided was a ceiling light fixture. While shopping at a big box store, we came across a really elegant yet innexpensive option. As soon as I saw the plain fabric drum, my mind was racing with ideas to embellish it.

In the end, I chose tiny felt balls in different colours that complimented the scheme I had going. I found this amazing Etsy shop, Honey Canada that let me narrow down the colours to just the ones I wanted. In fact, it was easier to tell Yuki, the shop owner, which colours I didn’t want. Shipping was fast and as soon as I received my order, I got to work.

ceiling light fixture embellished with felt balls

What you need:

  1. Inexpensive fabric-covered light drum (or lamp shade)
  2. Felt balls
  3. Glue gun

How to:

  1. Line up the tiny felt balls you will use in the order you want. This is helpful to avoid accidentally placing two of the same colour side-by-side. I don’t know about you, but when I work with a glue gun, I tend to work much faster than I normally do, or should.
  2. Place the drum on a flat surface.
  3. Working in small sections at a time, apply hot glue along the bottom of the drum. One way to know that your felt balls will be even, is to use the flat surface as your guide: Place the ball against the surface and bring it closer to the drum until there’s contact.
  4. Continue until the entire circumference is done. The whole process took me 15 minutes.
  5. Let the glue cool completely before picking it up.
  6. Hang and admire your work :)

This is what my daughter sees from her crib. I love it!Customized ceiling light drum shade with felt balls

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